Divine Discontent (CD)

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Your dissatisfaction with life can be a good thing. Do you have a feeling that you can't shake -- that life could deliver much more than you're experiencing right now? The lack of peace might keep you up at night, or it could be a steady background hum that is not quieted by bigger accomplishments or more possessions. What you crave goes much deeper. You long for an end to the inner turmoil; you crave freedom from anxiety, guilt, anger, or fear. People have sought the answer in career advancement, recreation, relationships--even religious devotion. But God's Word demonstrates that dissatisfaction with life is a spiritual problem. It's an inner thirst that can be quenched only by God. Does contentment have to remain just out of reach, or can we arrive at a place of peace and rest? In his series, Divine Discontent, Michael Youssef introduces you to biblical characters who followed their inner restlessness back to God who, in His grace, invites all to enter His rest.

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