Blessed To Be A Blessing (CD)

Blessed To Be A Blessing (CD)

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Most Christians enjoy hearing about God's blessings, but few know why they are so blessed. Learn how to be a conduit of blessing to those around you in this timely series. What one area is it hardest for you to trust God? Did you know your salvation comes with a guarantee? Should "the pursuit of happiness" really be your ultimate pursuit? What are some of the guidelines for serving God and growing mature in the faith? Find the answers to these questions and more in this series.

"Peter, The Rebuilt Man"
"Count Your Blessings"
"Fully Trust in Your Blessor"
"Grow Through The Blessings"
"Plumb the Depth of Your Blessings"
"Be a Blessing"
"Imitate Your Blessor"
"Develop Your Blessor's Characteristics"
"The Blessings of Biblical Self-Esteem"
"The Lifestyle of The Blessed and Joyful"
"The Humility of The Blessed"
"The Tolerance of the Blessed"
"Warning, "Don't Take Your Blessings for Granted"
"The Blessed are Vigilant"

Scripture: 1 Peter 

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